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I am a young entrepreneur who has pursued studies in project management and has undergone training in the field of entrepreneurship and agribusiness. Considered by my entourage as dynamic and easy to adapt, I have always developed in me a spirit of initiative except that the means have sometimes failed me.

My experience is justified by 5 years in the field with an entrepreneurial training, especially an ambition to present products of quality and innovative; my collaborators will help me to carry out certain tasks that will be designated to them within the company and in the field during operations.
My motivations for the project are diverse and varied, especially marked by a job demand far outstripping supply; unemployed young people increasingly tend to turn to leisure and dishonorable activities in this respect Agriculture appears as a means of professional integration for young people.
Moreover, people with a passion for organic food will be tempted to consume the FRUITSMAID products, as well as the active young people wanting a moment “SNACKING” in the course of the day, and finally the production of the fruits is very bearer in crude form or transform.