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What will the collection

My goal is that you all participate in this project, because a company with people who reach out to the hand grows faster. The start-up of the FRUITSMAID Company is the most decisive stage, that’s why I need you to finance this futuristic project.
I wish that we could reach the sum of 7 072 582 USD the total cost of the investment of the project FRUITSMAID, with the aim of having more contact especially of people who will be real actors of development. I hope that together we will achieve our goal. The funds collected will be collected directly by the company and will be used instantly for the launch of our activity during the month of August 2017.
Thank you in advance for your participation in the FRUITSMAID adventure and no matter your contribution, together we will bring it to success.

How can you help me to achieve our goal, I need your help, you are the essence of this project.
Two proposals:

1- The contribution by acquiring one of the counterparties proposed below in thank you.

For $ 5 (1 t-shirt + 1 thank you letter)

For $ 15 (1 t-shirt + 1 cap + a thank you letter)


For 30 $ (1 back juice of 6 liters + 1 t-shirt + 1 cap)


For $ 60 (2 back juices of 6 liters + 3 t-shirts + 3 caps)


2- Benefiting from a percentage of 11% of your participation per year, with the possibility of obtaining a partnership contract, from 200 to 100 000 $ us, where each donor will recognize himself in order to be a real actor of development of project.

And if we exceed the target of $ 7,072,582 us, we will take advantage of this momentum to increase the productive capacity of fruits in the countryside.