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Cameroon is a country of Central Africa. Like the majority of countries in the African continent, the presence of quality natural juices that meet the criteria of the populations are of importance.
On the strength of this observation it seemed to me important to set up a company on behalf of FRUITSMAID likely to produce pineapple, ginger, carrots and beetroot, and to procure products such as: guavas, mandarins, grapefruits, Oranges, papayas, lemons, coconuts, passion fruit, good-quality casings from local producers.
Why Cameroon? Cameroon is Africa in miniature indeed, we find there united a large specific part of the African continent. Thus, it is full of many natural resources, including innumerable fruits, thanks to its climate, its geographical location; the diversity of its soils which vary from one region to another, Cameroon has a great variety of fruits Transformable into juice. Therefore, ideas come to me to set up this company which will be specialized in the manufacture and marketing of 100% natural fruit juices.
There is a strong demand in Cameroon and the rest of the world for essentially sanitary reasons due to the rise of obesity and diabetes; it is now that it would be worth positioning itself on the niche of natural fruit juice 100 % organic.
The realization of this project requires having products of superior quality because our ambition is to produce organic fruit juices without adding sugar and not sodas or other drinks. We will deal directly with producers to limit intermediaries. These producers will have to have a streamlined production. The intervention of the school of agricultural engineers will allow us to select products that meet our specifications.
The production of natural organic fruit juices produces many wastes, more than half of the weight of the treated fruits is 55%. In order to improve the economic profitability of the activity, the installation of a bio-mechanization unit will be discussed with a view to enhancing its value by producing:
– Biogas: from a co generator we can obtain two sources of energy (electricity and heat)
– The digested: will allow us to fatten our organic field during the campaigns.